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Still Gunnin’ Hills at 66: The Story of an Ultramarathoner

Gunhild Swanson Born July of 1944

2005. Three months before race day Gunhild set her password to WSRECORD. That became her mantra, impressed in her mind over and over, every time she unlocked her computer at work.

Gunhild dreamed of breaking the record for women over 60 at the Western States 100, an endurance trail run 100 miles long. WSRECORD: Western States Record.

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Extreme Endurance: 19x Ironman Finisher is 75
Harriet Anderson
Born 1935 IRONMAN. Just the name is ominous. In the world of triathlon events this one is king.How does Harriet Anderson describe Ironman? “An exciting race. It is thrilling. I get goose bumps every time I go over.” >>>
Lining up for race day at 90+
Ginny Warden
Born 1919 Bloomsday is a 12k run, this year Ginny finished it, again, for the 34th time, in 2:35. Bloomsday has been a constant thread through her life, defining and marking the years. > > >
60+ Triathlete began running after 50
Sallye Prenger Born 1948 Sallye is a prolific athlete entering dozens of races and triathlete events every year. She encourages women to get up and get moving, admonishing “It’s not as hard as you think!” > > >
Mountaineer began climbing after 50
Kay LeClair
Born 1949 When Kay summited Mount Everest in 2009 she was so ecstatic the emotion overwhelmed her. In that moment she had reached the last of the Seven Summits. She did it after the age of 60. > > >
A Lifelong Runner Battles Cancer with Spirit
Lorinda Travis
Born 1955 “The more I exercise, the more I can do with my life.” These are moving words from a woman with grit and determination. >>>
‘Senior Rocks!’
Jacki McManus Born 1943 Adventurous and free-spirited, Jacki McManus is not your typical 67 year old woman. Jacki climbs, hikes, bikes, skis and runs. Her mantra echoes the Nike ads – “Just do it!” > > >

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